Zeta sisterhood was once the inspiration of our founders over 100 years ago. It is now the bond that we share with every Zeta sister where there is laughter, friendship, strength, and support. Our chapter is dedicated to recognizing each member for her own unique talents. The Zeta experience provides numerous opportunities to develop and strengthen bonds between members in an effort to promote friendships that will last a lifetime.


In our chapter here at Towson, we go out to dinner, go to the movies, go shopping, take roadtrips, have lunch on campus, spend time outside, have sleepovers and so much more. The close-knit bond that our chapter has is what makes ZTA so unique.


Our sisterhood events are very important to our chapter because they are the events that truly bring us closer together as sisters. We had a very successful sisterhood retreat this past semester where we met on Newell field and had a field day. We played games and did bonding activities. It was so much fun and we look forward to doing it again. 

This past semester, we had a sisterhood event at Hershey Park. We took coach busses and spent the day eating chocolate and enjoying the time with our sisters!


Last November before sisters went home for the Thanksgiving holiday, we had our annual ZTA Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner!  This event is a favorite of many girls in the chapter because we get together and give thanks for our amazing sisters, and also because of all the amazing food!!


With each new semester our sisterhood chair always comes up with something even more exciting for us to try together. Visiting local restaurants, frozen yogurt shops and other fun and relaxing sisterhood events make the Iota Delta chapter so unique. 



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